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    TRUEV E-Liquid

    Our e liquid is 100% produced and hand made here in the UK. We decided from the get go not to resell or rebrand 3rd party e liquids like many others do in the UK. Instead we wanted to offer something completely unique and 100% under our direct control.  This allowed us to manufacture an e liquid like no other. To this day there is nothing on the market close to the quality and uniqueness of our brand. Don’t take our word for it however. Check out our 400+ 5 star reviews on the review tab on the left of the page here.

    Why US?

    Our brand, plain and simple. trueV is a UK registered limited company specialising in the design and manufacture of quality e liquids operating since January 2013. We are the only UK manufacturer of 100% VG E liquid.

    Sure many others can offer this, however none can offer a TRUE 100% VG e liquid that contains no PG at all (even in the flavour concentrate base) - or at least at reasonable prices.

    You see, our main competitors are all based in the US and while they may resell their e liquid to companies in the UK, you end up having to fork out the import costs, which can be almost double the price of ours.

    Our products:

    • Are made fresh and specifically to order
    • Are available in 5 different mixes from 100% VG to 100% PG
    • Can be customized to your liking - Want menthol or Cream added? No problem!
    • Are offered in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles sizes
    • And most importantly
    • We do not reflect these time consuming tasks in our prices.

    Why 100% VG?


    A small percentage of the population are allergic to some of the ingredients in e liquid. This can be PG, the sweetener used (sucralose) and in some small circumstances even VG. We wanted to provide a product that could eliminate any one of these ingredients if need be. Our flavourings are in an alcohol base which gives us the diversity to do this. If you have an allergy to:

    • PG - simply select 100% VG.
    • VG – select 100% PG
    • Sucralose (used only in fruit flavours) – Choose no sweetener
    • EM (Ethyl Maltol) – Select only from the fruit flavours.

    Degrees of allergies differ from person to person so some of you may be able to tolerate significantly reduced amounts of the above. There will be a trial and error time period to identify the best match and balance here, but we will assist you all the way.


    Simply put, some of you want the purest e liquid available on the market and by choosing 100% VG, you are doing so.

    Further Advise:

    At trueV we recommend using a bottom coil electronic cigarette such as the Kanger EVOD or similar for 100% VG e cig liquid for reasons explained in our blog here.

    We hope you enjoy your visit to and look forward to helping you in any way we can.